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Daily Profit with Ian Wyatt

Jul 9, 2020

Ian Wyatt is the President of Wyatt Investment Research. He has been helping regular investors uncover hidden growth opportunities by beating the market and finding great investments at attractive prices. Ian has been actively investing in the stock market for the past 30 years. He's also spent more than 20 years publishing his investment ideas online to help fellow investors benefit from his successes and failures.

Ian Wyatt is also the host of the Daily Profit Podcast.

In this episode…

As of mid-June 2020, effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are still being felt all over the country. More and more people are losing their jobs, and businesses in the travel and hospitality industries are suffering due to the social distancing regulations. However, other industries, such as real estate and e-commerce, have experienced positive outcomes, and the stock market and many investors remain optimistic about the future of the US economy. But as the number of people testing positive for the virus is still on the rise, one question remains: What does the future hold for these different industries? 

In this episode of The Daily Profit Show, host Ian Wyatt is interviewed by John Corcoran, co-founder of Rise25 Media, about the future of the travel, hospitality, entertainment, real estate, and e-commerce industries post-COVID-19. Tune in as Ian talks about the Federal Reserve's response to the outbreak, why he is optimistic about the return of live events, and his concerns about the long-term impacts this pandemic will have on the country.